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Don à la Fondation Mères avec Pouvoir

Donation to the Mothers with Power Foundation

Volprivé is proud to donate $2 to the Fondation Mères avec Pouvoir for each PURE 2.0 protective mask from the Rose Tokyo collection . A small gesture to protect you while giving back to such an important cause. Thank you!

On September 1, 2020,

Our involvement with Empowered Mothers Foundation continues. And we are happy to announce that for for each PURE 2.0 mask from the Rose Tokyo Collection sold 😷, Volprivé agrees to donate $2 to the organization .

Mothers with Power is a non-profit organization, aimed at promoting the autonomy and the social and professional integration of women heads of low-income single-parent families, with children from birth to five years old.

The organization facilitates the progress of women through access to transitional social housing (for 3 to 5 years), community and individual support and a place in a CPE for their children.


September 1st, 2020

Volprivé is proud to offer its continued support to the Mothers with Power Foundation. For each PURE 2.0 Tokyo Pink mask sold 😷, Volprivé will donate $2 to the Foundation.

Mères avec Pouvoir is a non-profit organization that promotes the autonomy and the social and professional integration of low income single mothers with children aged from birth to 5 years old.

The Foundation offers transitional social housing for women (3 to 5 years duration), community and individual support, and subsidies day care.

Link to the foundation

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