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Marie-Claude Roulier Présidente et Fondatrice Volprivé inc.


Volprivé grew out of a desire to rethink travel comfort. My goal was to provide travellers with a stylish and distinctive experience in the airport, on the plane, in their hotel and at the beach. For me, the travel experience is greatly enhanced by the cozy softness of high quality, fashionable relaxation travel accessories.

Volprivé has created a line of upscale travel accessories for the discerning traveller who doesn’t want to sacrifice comfort when they leave their home base. Made from extra fine merino wool, our travel accessories are designed to travel the world and provide warmth and comfort, like a trusted travel companion! Each article is washable and comes in an attractive and durable Volprivé bag.

Having worked for many years in the air travel industry in Montreal, I am a frequent traveller myself. Following a lengthy creative process, I am thrilled to offer you the Volprivé collection, and I hope the pieces will delight you as much as they inspired me.

Whether your next adventure takes you to see the moon in either the northern or the southern hemisphere, our travel accessories will make you feel as comfortable as if you had jumped on your own private flight.

Welcome aboard Volprivé!

Marie-Claude Roulier
Founder / President

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