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Sleep mask weighted for relaxation unisexe adjustable washable made in Canada

The best sleep mask

The effective sleep mask

Made in Quebec


The MEDITATION sleep mask is inspired by yoga pillows which, thanks to the weight placed on the eyes, promote relaxation and invite relaxation. Its design is made to keep it in place, whether in a sitting or lying position, in order to offer a moment of rest while effectively filtering the light.

This sleeping mask is weighted by small balls inserted in a removable pouch that slips inside it. The weight of the pouch has been calibrated to provide optimal pressure on the eyes and thus promote relaxation by reducing the heart rate conducive to a state of calm leading to sleep. The beads have been carefully chosen to ensure that the mask does not contain any component likely to degrade over time.

Everything has been thought out to effectively filter light while promoting comfortable and restorative sleep. The outer part of this eye mask for sleeping is made of soft 100% merino wool which has the property of adapting to body temperature while allowing moisture to pass through. The part of the wolf covering the eyes is designed in bamboo to offer freshness and softness.

The weight of the Mask promotes RELAXATION

This sleeping mask is weighted by small balls inserted in a removable pouch that slips inside it. It has an adjustable elastic band that allows you to increase or reduce the pressure on the eyes.

An EFFECTIVE night mask

A wide elastic band surrounds the eye mask so that it fits easily like ski goggles. This elastic allows you to increase or reduce the pressure on the eyes, while providing the necessary adjustment so as not to impede blood circulation in the capillaries of the head.

Its unique design accommodates both small and larger heads and makes it one of the most effective unisex sleep masks.

Night masks are machine washable for easy care and long lasting. They are an original Volprivé creation, entirely designed and manufactured in Quebec, Canada. They are offered in 12 colors that harmonize with the different collections of Volprivé travel sets.

The pandemic is affecting sleep

The University of Ottawa recently published a study revealing that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a 36% increase in sleep disturbances among the Canadian population; more than one in two Canadians (55.5%) now suffers from it.

While personal issues are particularly known to be the cause, stress and anxiety related to world events like the pandemic have major impacts on sleep quality. In addition to the devastating effects on physical and mental health, difficulty falling asleep – and sleeping well – is estimated to lead to lost productivity costing $16.1 billion a year in Canada.

Let's make sleep its priority by getting our circadian cycle back on track. Cutting screen time an hour before bed, practicing relaxation techniques and using the MEDITATION sleep mask are all good habits to adopt in order to calm the body and mind.

A mask for restful sleep

The MEDITATION mask is a must-have for anyone suffering from sleep disorders, anxiety or migraines! It will give you moments of relaxation at all hours of the day or long nights of peaceful sleep.

Link to MEDITATION masks.

Welcome to the world of Volprivé!

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