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Merino wool: a lot, passionately, madly!

Our love of merino wool

Few natural fibers can boast of combining comfort and utility, in winter as in summer. Volprivé has made merino wool its favorite textile because of its many advantages.

The natural softness of merino

Fine, delicate and incomparably soft, merino wool is a natural fiber that does not irritate the skin and is suitable for everyone .

Its water-repellent, warm and anti-odor properties are the result of proteins contained inside it. These allow the wool to absorb up to 35% of its weight in water. This is also why it is used to design clothes that repel perspiration and keep you dry .

The only natural fiber as effective in hot temperatures as in cold temperatures , merino wool is one of the most efficient on the market.

The origin of merino

Originally from Spain, merino is part of the sheep breed, which also includes sheep. After having retained the monopoly of fine wools until the 18th century, the breed was introduced into several countries, including Australia , where merino rams were crossed with local ewes for many decades, thus creating an animal very robust, able to adapt easily to torrid summers as well as freezing winters .

Perfect fiber in any season

Thanks to its porosity, the merino fiber makes it possible to very quickly evacuate perspiration in the form of vapor and to keep the body dry. This way, you keep everything you need in terms of coolness and warmth, summer and winter alike.

Thermoregulatory properties

When temperatures are around 30C, summer wool helps keep merino cool. Conversely, when winter temperatures hit, an extra layer of wool is added to the animal's summer fleece, allowing it to retain its heat.

These same principles apply to textiles made with this wool: the fiber traps the air released by the human body and consequently acts as an insulator to prevent the cold outside air from penetrating. This same fiber has the ability to wick away perspiration and thus keep the body dry in high temperatures.

Anti-microbial properties and odor resistance

Merino wool has anti-microbial properties allowing it to absorb odors caused by bacteria . This is why this textile is particularly popular with travelers as well as outdoor and outdoor sports enthusiasts.

Ecological and ethical

Being 100% natural and organic , merino fiber is free of all plastics and harmful products since it is not created in a laboratory.

Biodegradable, it decomposes naturally in the soil after one year while giving back to the earth carbon and nutrients. Unlike synthetic fibers that can be reproduced at a rapid rate, merino fiber grows slowly due to the ethical principles surrounding merino breeding. Indeed, the wool used by Volprivé is ethically taken from sheep raised freely on Australian breeding farms with the highest animal welfare standards.

Volprivé only uses extra fine wool to make its products. Firstly for its high quality and flexibility, but also because it allows knitting that is both dense and light , and therefore well balanced for our accessories.

Although a very large part of Australian production is processed in China, Volprivé favors the best batches processed in Italy since they comply with environmental standards for water protection.

With such properties, it's no wonder that merino wool is considered a textile gem and an obvious choice for Volprivé!

Machine washable

This material, in addition to being ecological, is machine washable and wrinkle-resistant , which makes it a textile of choice for travellers. Not to mention the " Total Easy Care " treatment that keeps the colors vibrant wash after wash.

The perfect fiber for Volprivé

With such properties, merino wool is certainly more expensive than a synthetic fiber. However, from an environmental point of view and for responsible consumption, this all-natural, biodegradable and ethically farmed high-performance fiber makes it a perfect combination for our range of travel and leisure accessories .

Buy less, but buy better...

Welcome to the world of Volprivé!

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