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Offering luxury as a gift: Volprivé


For companies that want to diversify their gift offering to their customers, suppliers or employees, nothing better than to offer durable items, geared towards comfort, and entirely made in Quebec. Welcome to the B2B world of Volprivé!


Employers who have a wellness program for their employees are delighted with the range of proposals available to us. Health is above all to sleep well.

Normally, 25-30% of Canadians complain about their sleep. After a year of the pandemic, this proportion is now 45 to 50%. In summary, half the staff in your company or community sleep poorly, which is likely to lead to anxiety disorders, stress, addictions and depression.

Offering Volprivé's MEDITATION and EDEN masks means participating in the well-being of loved ones or employees, but also showing them the importance that their health is in our eyes. Adjustable, washable, unisex, they will quickly become an essential for nights of sleep and moments of relaxation.

The ADVENTURE blanket, in 100% merino wool, can complete the gift of an employee or collaborator whose exceptional contribution you want to highlight.

And for the best customers, Volprivé offers a luxury package that is both practical and useful: DESTINATION. These are 4 exclusive pieces, of a unique quality, made by local craftsmen, for him.


Want to add a personal touch for someone special? No problem. We offer 3 easy and original solutions.

OPTION 1: Add your logo next to Volprivé's. By printing your logo directly on our PVC bags, it becomes a recognizable gift, which makes your brand shine in an original and lasting way.

OPTION 2: Add monograms.

For an even more personalized touch, the embroidery of a name or initials becomes an original choice, while being a very nice way to personalize an item.

OPTION 3: For those who want even more customization, we can make each of our items according to needs and budget. Colors matched to the brand image, through the printing of a logo on the fabrics of the bags or even masks or labels. If you can imagine it, we can make it happen!


For those who prefer to allow their employees to choose the product that suits them themselves, Volprivé offers the possibility of offering a corporate Promo Code to be used directly on our online store.

Our infrastructure keeps you informed daily about the popularity of the program.


By ordering products from Volprivé, you are encouraging an entire production ecosystem. More than 22 local suppliers from Montreal and the South Shore participate in the production of Volprivé's collections. From the memory foam manufacturer, to the knitters, to the label printer or those who manufacture our zippers, all contribute to the quality and uniqueness of our products.

Volprivé products travel around the world. A Quebec brand that talks about us.

Welcome aboard Volprivé!

Marie-Claude Roulier
President and Chief Designer, Volprivé inc.

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