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BON VOYAGE dry bags

Good trip bags

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Waterproof Bags

Discovering beaches, trails, mountain peaks or other getaways? A handy dry bag is always handy. To keep everything you need dry, BON VOYAGE Volprivé bags are lightweight and 100% waterproof.

Made of a very resistant PVC canvas, simply fold the top of the bag 3 times and close it with the sturdy plastic ties to let air and humidity out.

When camping, descending rapids or lounging on a sailboat or yacht, dry bags are the perfect companions for bodies of water and outdoor adventures.

Virtually indestructible, they are easy to care for, just wash the bag inside and out with a damp cloth, then let it dry.


The 5L format bags are equipped with an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap, so they can suit all sizes.

Practice Hook

The 2L and 1.5L formats also come with a hook to hang it on a backpack, a hiking bag, a cabin bag or a suitcase.

Also very practical for easily attaching it to the passenger seat on a plane to keep travel essentials close at hand during the flight.

5L / 2L / 1.5L

We designed the BON VOYAGE dry bags so that the 5L bag can easily hold a DESTINATION travel set and/or an ADVENTURE blanket. Once at your destination, you can reuse it for urban explorations or off the beaten track.

The 2L bag has been specifically designed to hold the NUAGE compact travel pillow and/or the MEDITATION pillow and mask combo. Easy to attach to cabin luggage, it will be the perfect companion for your long trips by car, train or plane.

The 1.5L bag stores our COMPRESSION stockings, MEDITATION masks and other essentials such as a phone, cards and keys, and it's just small enough to easily hang anywhere.

Colors and Sizes:

Bags are included with purchase, and are also sold separately.

BON VOYAGE bag 5L: Gray / Included with the purchase of ADVENTURE blanket and/or DESTINATION package) - Reg: $39

BON VOYAGE bag 5L: Red - Reg. $39

BON VOYAGE 2L bag: White / Included with the purchase of a NUAGE pillow and/or a NUAGE Combo - Reg. $24

BON VOYAGE 1.5L: Gray and white with window / Included with the purchase of a pair of COMPRESSION stockings - Reg. $29

Practical, durable, reusable, and unisex, we are very proud of our dry bags with their modern and clean look that can suit all styles of travellers. All that remains is to wish you BON VOYAGE!

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